About me

Hey, my name is Sašo.

I help companies increase the probability of success in pursuing new opportunities.

I do this through:

  • Doing hands-on work like user/problem/competitor research, prototyping, usability testing, sales, marketing, UX design, google analytics setup, and analysis. I act as a member of the team.
  • Consulting/Coaching the team in the process of discovering a market for their product / increasing the number of happy customers  / solving a sticky business problem.

Education and early ambition

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer and information science.

In my student years, I co-founded and led an Audio-visual laboratory KBŠ. A filmmaking department that provided access to professional filmmaking equipment to students while supporting local events and artists with filmmaking services.

4 years of building digital products

In my last year of college, I joined a digital agency called D.LabsThere I spent the next 4 years as a Product Manager helping entrepreneurs from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Slovenia transform their ideas into digital products.

During that time I worked on more than 15 digital products. Some that I can mention are:

  • minxli.com – combines classic doctor consultation hours with telemedicine and digital MD practice management.
  • pamojaeducation.com – provide schools across the globe with flexible digital solutions.
  • licklist.co.uk (mobile app) – Discover. Book. Order. Find the best bars, restaurants, clubs, and events in the UK.
  • betonyourself.io (article) – peer to peer esports crypto betting platform [No longer operating]

My responsibilities consisted of:

  • Supporting sales.
  • Facilitating initial business model breakdown workshops and product ideation workshops. 
  • Leading agile dev and design teams as a product manager (Facilitating the agile process, gathering product requirements). 
  • During my last year, I helped customers test business ideas by running marketing experiments.

Looking through my customer’s eyes

On the side I was putting myself in the shoes of our customers by exploring my own business ideas and attending hackathons:

  • Reka-kolpa.si – A website enabling tourists to discover the temperature of a Slovenia’s warmest river Kolpa in many campsites along its stream. The platform is organically reached by more than 7.600 visitors and a bit more than 28.000 views during the most popular months.
  • Winning a hackathon (article) – 2nd place on my first hackathon and 1st place on the second.
  • Many other ventures that failed.

Exploring invisible factors behind business success

I’ve seen many times how we make suboptimal decisions despite all the business knowledge and experience. That is why I started exploring what other factors are at play in business success by:

  • Hiring an executive coach and a mentor.
  • Performing more than 300 coaching hours over my training period.
  • Attended an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Accredited Program with Michael Neil.
  • Attended an ICF Accredited Program at Insight Principles, a consulting company that helps Fortune 500 companies solve unsolvable problems in 4 days. 

Independent journey in helping companies grow

In 2019 I began working with companies individuallySome of the companies I worked with:

  • Optiweb – Helping a digital agency set up a strategy to discover a viable market position for its customer’s product. [DONE]
  • RSLabs, product RSLink – Mentoring a tech founder of a startup producing temperature control system for vaccines in the process from MVP to sales. [IN PROGRESS]
  • Microbium – Support in the product discovery process. The product ended up being a simple to use rapid tester for detection and quantification of E.coli and coliform bacteria in drinking water. [DONE]
  • StoringCargo.com – Hands-on support in discovering the product and target market in transport and warehousing. Now also re-designing the platform based on user feedback and usability tests. [IN PROGRESS]
  • Fortis Group – Helped them discover and design a custom solution for running a logistics company. [DONE]
  • Individual coaching clients.

Since 2019 I am also a mentor and evaluator for the Slovenian enterprise fund. 

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