I believe,
that fulfillment and success are both results, of being, who you need to be.

With my clients we work on realization of a bigger future, future that wasn’t going to happen anyway. The future that fulfills or contributes to fulfilling the concerns and desires of the client.

All progress with my clients is created in conversation. Through language we create a new way of being for them, that allows them to act in a powerful way, to do what is required, and create amazing measurable results.

I shift myself, to shift my clients. They are Founders, Directors, Creators, Coaches, Artists, Engineers. They all share an amazing connection with their thoughts and are all drivers of change and creation in their organisation and personal life.

My clients either see me in person in Ljubljana, Slovenia or Online. For more information or to explore coaching possibility, email me at saso@sasojakljevic.com so we can schedule our conversation.


I work with committed individuals that act as the driving force within their organisation or personal lives, they can hear their inner voice and choose to create more powerful results.


People hire me to help them get what they want, get rid of what they don't want, and fall more deeply in love with their life.


I do that by understanding what do they actually really want, distinguishing what is in the way and creating a new way of being that allows them to be powerful when creating results.

Thinkers I'm listening to

A story about what I do...

Let's imagine Mr. Elon Musk tells you everything he knows about running a business. All the tips and tricks you can make note of.

I can guarantee you, that despite that, you wouldn’t get even close to running a company like him.

That is because the main problem is not a lack of knowledge. The problem is the attitude, because the attitude then gives you the drive to learn, to make hard decisions, to persist, to see the beauty in what you are doing, to be in love with what you are doing.

I call that “who you are being”.

Most of the time what is in between where you are, and what you want in life, is the difference between "who you are being" and "who you need to be".

What I do is help people create a new "way of being". This allows them to do what needs to be done, to see new opportunities, get to what they desire and fall more deeply in love with life.

Meet my 7 powerful beliefs.

  1. Fulfillment and success are both results of being who you need to be.
  2. You are not fixed in "that's just who I am". Anyone of us can be, and act in many ways.
  3. Having a clear intention creates you as a confident person.
  4. Seeing your truth and re-discovering it, is what keeps you being what you need to be.
  5. You can do big things, and enjoy all of your life.
  6. Love is important.
  7. Saying from a place of love, what is most present in your mind, is what will connect you with others. This sometimes feels like the hardest thing to do.

Follow my thoughts.

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