9 years of building digital products (25+)

Since 2015, I've been helping companies design and build digital products. I worked on 25+ products with both start-ups and corporations.

Computer engineer by education, with broad skillset: market research, user research, facilitation, specification preparation, digital product design, digital analytics, business development and sales.

See my work in action…

Most of my work is locked behind NDAs, but I’ve managed to convince
a select few of my clients to let me showcase their projects below.


INSHIFT TECH d.o.o is a jet lag prevention startup. Here you can click arount the prototype I built to test and get feedback on idea for generation of a new adjustment protocol.

Pain tracking app

Personal project for tracking my own cronic pain.

Move reminder app

Prototype for an app that I've actualy developed.

More about the project

Microbuim concept testing

This was actualy a physical product that I helped test.

Microbium MPN testing device

Why work with me?

User feedback is the only way to know if you're building the right thing. Add the cheapest way to quickly get that feedback is through a prototype. The better the prototype, the more accurate the feedback.

That's where I come in.



Amazing people I worked with!

Sodelovanje s Sašom na skupnem projektu mi je bilo v veselje, ker sem mu lahko hitro zaupal, da bodo stvari opravljene kot smo se skupaj dogovorili. Hkrati me je presentil s svojo razgledanostjo in izkušnjami, ki so bile več kot dobrodošle in so nam pomagale projekt zapeljati hitreje in bolj učinkovito kot sicer.
Gregor ZupinCEO at Microbium d.o.o.
Sašo organized a great workshop for our project team, where we defined a plan to set up a new product on the market, we also determined the root problems and solutions this product can offer for our customers. This was brought to us through an excellent approach from Sašo, who has really great energy and meets any obstacle we could throw at him head-on with flawless victory. I definitely think totally different about problems and solutions after our workshop and can always find a fresh approach with the presented techniques.
Anže SkaljaDevelopment project manager with digital DNA at Optiweb
I know Sašo for about eight years now, and it so nice to see his professional evolution as well as personal development. Sašo knows how to ask powerful questions which lead to the next big question. And somewhere in between, there is small, but powerful glimpse of a future that I really want to live in. When I talk to him, I have that great feeling that he really listens and that he will lead me, without giving directions.
Tomaž AupičProject Manager & Designer / WordPress Design | Co-founder at STARKMAT
'Izkušnja (coaching delavnice) je bila super iz več razlogov. Mogoče najbolj pomemben je ta, da si tako odprto, vključujoče in iskreno podelil sebe in svoje izkušnje, ter hkrati slišal in sprejel vse, kar je prišlo v prostor z naše strani... Bil si zelo odziven in v trenutku in videti je, da znaš hitro odreagirati ter pogledati na situacijo, ki je pred tabo iz perspektive, ki je kar najbolj podporna in opolnomoči sogovornika. Zaradi iskrenosti in dobrohotnosti, ki sem jo začutila s tvoje strani sem se tudi sama lažje iskreno podelila. Dal si tudi več primerov iz prakse in nam pomagal videti čim bolj konkretno in odprto na situacijo, ki smo jo predstavili kot nas problem oz. izziv. Pa tvoj nasmeh in iskrice v očeh kažejo na to, da to kar počneš, počneš res z veseljem in iskreno verjameš, da je možno doseči čisto vse, kar si zadamo... Hvala, ker si. ;)'
Vesna ZorecUmetnica in socialna delavka
We turned to Sašo and his experience in product management because we found ourselves in a situation we usually are not. With the best intention of helping our client as much as the project scope allows us, we agreed for a 2-hour workshop with Sašo. This was on really short notice, so thanks again for jumping in! In such a short amount of time, he gave us great input on the problems at hand and presented us with his process of solving them. He is a great listener, which results with great sub-questions and valuable answers and guidance.
Darko AtanasovUX & UI Designer at Optiweb

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Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Email: saso@sasojakljevic.com
Skype: jaggarjack1
Mob. Tel.: 00386 51 384 933
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